Francis Yap M | FYM Studios


My name is Francis and I capture moments. I am an accredited professional photographer exploring landscapes, adventures and the human experience. I capture events and moments as I see them. I share my photos in order to share what I see in my world and how I see yours. Photography is about documenting a moment. Sometimes they're candid events, a quick glance, a family event or a sight that takes your breath away. The power of photography is found in these moments - photographs don't just document a history, they write it as well. Through the photograph, emotion and reaction that we heap upon an photos determine the stories and staying power in our lives. My job is to capture those moments so they can become a part of your history. The galleries you see is the work I do and the adventures I have. This is the world through my eyes. A reflection of dreams, hope, aspiration and a little inspiration. The shots on this site are the embodiment of my world through the lens. Moments frozen in time. Created from happiness, friendship, adventure and the journey of my lifetime. These are my photos, the world around me and the people that make the difference.


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